[Definition]: to start

[Example Phrases]:
• NASA Space Launch Complex
• NASA rocket launch

[Example Sentences]:
1. You need to launch all of those services with the change
2. Android apps are expected to be available by the time of the launch
3. A full launch is expected in about two weeks
4. With Amazon expected to launch its own smartphone soon
5. It also has plans to launch a major expansion into Russia
6. New Twitter music app expected to launch today
7. The company plans to launch commercial services this year
8. Even with new smartphones and tablets expected to launch this month September
9. The agency said it would launch a review of security practices
10. Tap the center of the screen to launch the app menu
11. A small team there used it to keep in touch during a rocket launch
12. There were dozens of the phones available to play with at the launch event
13. Among the many innovations that the new launch will bring us is a feature called
14. The update is expected to launch as early as March, mere months after
15. We are looking forward to a successful launch on Friday © 2019  Terms of Use | Home