[Example Sentences]:
1. The latter makes up the second half of the game
2. We suspect that the latter issue is a big reason for the former
3. These kits deliver only part of the former and none of the latter
4. It is the latter scenario that is of greatest concern
5. The latter is of course the most efficient, and is where we stand today
6. The latter has more to do with current products and differentiation
7. The latter half of the deal kicks in next year
8. Amazon and iTunes are among the missing apps not that the latter should surprise anybody
9. I only linked the latter, which meant a wait period of around four business days
10. Earlier this week, I ordered the latter model from Amazon and it recently arrived
11. The latter two provide some much needed appeal to the boring black case
12. At the latter, the crowd was dominated by people planning to buy the phones to sell to others
13. After building the latter two, kids can pilot the vehicles
14. The latter only works on images that have been processed for perspective shift on the desktop app
15. With the latter, there was a clear slowdown in adoption of formal BYOD policies © 2019  Terms of Use | Home