[Definition]: most recent

[Example Phrases]:
• according to the latest
• the latest in a series of unfortunate events
• latest and greatest
• is the latest in

[Example Sentences]:
1. We will continue to update our customers with the latest information
2. Apple released the latest version of the operating system
3. The latest version of the enterprise social and collaboration platform includes
4. I don t see this latest development as a good thing at all
5. BlackBerry is making it easier for Android applications to run on its latest smartphones
6. The latest quarter was a week longer than the same period a year earlier
7. You are not going to buy this watch unless you have the latest phone
8. The latest test results were released last month
9. The reasons for the latest decision will not be made public for another three months
10. It seems Russia is the latest country to crackdown on the Internet
11. This latest investment will allow them to grow in the future
12. Users are always automatically on the latest version of the product
13. This story has been updated with the latest on the case
14. It was the latest step in the search for a safe spot between
15. The latest quarter included early sales of the latest iPhones released last month © 2019  Terms of Use | Home