[Example Sentences]:
1. The former latency issue is addressed in two ways
2. A local provider may also offer better network latency times because its data centers are closer to its customers
3. The company is working with AMD, Intel and others to improve the latency capabilities in their platforms
4. The faster light can travel through a fibre the lower the potential latency of data transmission
5. This type of application requires high bandwidth and low latency
6. You also need the capability to deliver data from a tag to a server with very low latency
7. The new server chips increase throughput six times, reducing latency by half
8. Data sovereignty and latency issues associated with software hosted offshore were the two major drivers for this
9. This distance decreases their ability to provide the low latency required by most business applications
10. When combined with an already slow connection, this additional latency on every request could be very noticeable and frustrating
11. The capability reduces latency and uses fewer system resources, contributing to overall energy efficiency
12. The network of distributed cloud servers would provide high availability, reduced latency in access to data and protect against downtime
13. Now we have to look at how do you scale while shaving off micro seconds in latency
14. Another feature built into the silicon reduces message latency between servers, reducing the performance overhead for database clusters
15. InfiniBand provides a very high rate of data throughput among nodes, as well as a low rate of latency © 2019  Terms of Use | Home