[Example Sentences]:
1. News from elsewhere on the mobile phone and hardware front lately has not been good
2. The company has been on a roll unveiling new products lately
3. Her son said he was worried about her because he had never seen her cry before until lately
4. Pyongyang has been strongly pushing tourism lately in an effort to bring in foreign cash
5. There have been a few lately
6. Pinterest has been stocking up on the data and infrastructure side of the business lately
7. Bing has been making some headlines lately
8. The online virtual currency Bitcoin has generated some serious buzz lately, with its value
9. The Turkish government has been on a campaign against Twitter and YouTube lately over their use by critics of the government
10. If your travel videos have been looking a little flat lately, it may be time to consider a new angle
11. The system has been racking up awards lately and I was eager to hear it for myself
12. Other players, including Google and Uber, have been making moves in this area lately
13. Two of the verticals where the Internet giant has been pushing to innovate lately include healthcare and robotics
14. Federal regulators have been throwing their weight around lately, and mostly to good effect for consumers and users of mobile technology
15. Blackphone has been busy lately, preparing to launch a mobile app store called Silent Store that will sell secure apps © 2019  Terms of Use | Home