[Example Sentences]:
1. The problem was it was too late to change the design
2. Is it a good move for Microsoft or does it come too late
3. I would not want to jump into it this late in the game
4. Microsoft was not available for comment late Tuesday
5. The company began testing among employees late last year
6. Shares got a real shot in the arm in late April
7. Most of the news around Bitcoin has been negative of late
8. There were no reports of fresh violence late Tuesday and Wednesday
9. They made some minor changes, though those were late in the quarter
10. An investigation into the incident had already begun late Tuesday
11. We got there one year too late
12. You came in late on that one
13. The man was still in custody late Thursday
14. The street was clear and the crowd was gone by late Saturday
15. The trend as of late is to release the Nexus experience in the fall © 2019  Terms of Use | Home