[Example Sentences]:
1. What was surprising to many is how long it lasted
2. It was a good run while it lasted
3. The gun battle on Saturday night is said to have lasted about six hours
4. The company could make a much better pitch for users if the watch lasted three to five days
5. The benefits lasted as long as a year
6. In each case, the outages lasted between two and three hours
7. If those operating systems have lasted this long, how long might it take XP to finally die
8. It lasted just three hours in lab testing
9. This last block of satellites have lasted significantly longer than anyone projected
10. The benefits translated to other tasks and lasted for as long as six months
11. The incident lasted four days, but the company said that only a small number of users were impacted
12. The documents did not indicate how long the calls lasted or the time period in which they were made
13. This all lasted about five hours
14. Some passengers tweeted about delays that lasted much longer
15. On top of that, they only lasted about a month before they were no longer capacitive © 2019  Terms of Use | Home