[Example Sentences]:
1. We close the door by turning the laser off
2. Just touch the video image on the screen and drag the laser point where you want it to go
3. In this case, the laser system will beam an Internet signal to the plane from the ground
4. A laser communications module is built into the satellite
5. Why are you working on a laser that can kill mosquitoes
6. We use a laser to open the submarine door, which releases the drug
7. This insane military laser weapon burned a hole through a truck a mile away
8. It will be slightly more expensive upfront, but the cost to run a laser printer is much lower
9. These are basically invisible laser beams in the infrared part of the spectrum
10. The robots also will have stereo, infrared and laser scanning sensors
11. Think of it as a form of laser tag, only with miniature robots
12. Plus, finding a way to aim the laser beam across millions of miles of space is no small task
13. Researchers in Spain have used sophisticated aerial laser technology to confirm the existence of ancient Roman gold mines
14. How can a laser pointer on the ground cause so much trouble hundreds of feet in the air
15. Optical laser communications are one of the emerging technologies NASA is testing © 2019  Terms of Use | Home