[Example Sentences]:
1. Apple must must must get a larger screen and a cheaper phone
2. Just how good does the market for larger smartphones look
3. There may also be a private cloud play here as well for some of the larger businesses
4. A larger space of the Google search results page is dedicated to them
5. It would be nice to see the larger screen used more effectively
6. The lower costs may help the company work with even larger sets of data
7. Both of these phones are significantly larger than any recent iPhone
8. Marketing costs of its mobile business might have also been larger
9. The larger of the two, which went on for months
10. A larger benefit to consumers might play out here
11. The action is part of a larger movement called
12. If in doubt, go a bit larger than you think you need
13. President Barack Obama said the case spoke to larger issues
14. Twitter continues to take in and lose larger amounts of money each quarter
15. The larger question is what the next iPhone can do on the innovation front © 2019  Terms of Use | Home