[Example Phrases]:
•. a large number of
•. a large amount of
•. large HD screen
•. large swaths of
•. as large as
•. due in large part to
•. thanks in large part to
•. a large portion of
•. large volumes of data
•. large quantities of
•. a large LCD screen

[Example Sentences]:
1. In large part it comes down to being first
2. It should be perfect for the large family or small office
3. Police blocked off a large area around the center Sunday night
4. A large number of these new stars are what are known as
5. That was when a set of large companies controlled access to most content
6. We are not looking for a large fee increase
7. One of the big problems for a large company is maintaining innovation
8. There are also lessons being offered to the public at large
9. The most likely place for us to find talent is the large firms
10. The future England team by and large play for the top six sides
11. It also is not the only large company to report it may have been attacked again
12. It could also make life a lot easier for IT staff at large enterprises
13. It would create large number jobs in the country which is good for the youth
14. It has to go through a large distribution system and that takes tons of time
15. The militants were at large until Friday, when they were killed by authorities © 2019  Terms of Use | Home