[Definition]: a portable light weight computer, usually with intigrated keyboard, medium sized screen and battery enabled

[Example Phrases]:
• laptop PC

[Example Sentences]:
1. She no longer needs to go home and work on the laptop
2. He saw it on his laptop, on Facebook and he went out
3. Who says a touchscreen laptop has to be a tablet as well
4. A wireless display will start working as soon as a laptop is within range
5. Looking for the power of a laptop and the convenience of a tablet in one device
6. This is a laptop that will serve its audience well
7. They are too easy to lose inside your laptop bag
8. We remove the infected laptop from the network and shut down the share
9. That is made possible by sensors that detect the position of a laptop
10. If you have a laptop or desktop on your local network, you can use the free
11. The laptop will start shipping at some point between October and December
12. It did almost everything a laptop did
13. Using an iPad at work can feel less technical in nature than using a company laptop
14. My laptop and everything is still in there
15. Why would you just not use a laptop © 2019  Terms of Use | Home