[Definition]: a system including symbols, words and grammars etc for communication among people, such as English, Spanish

[Example Phrases]:
• the language of
• venerable authority on language
• bellicose language
• torrent of bellicose language

[Example Sentences]:
1. We depend on this language and the community around it
2. That small difference in language makes all the difference in the world
3. We are doing everything we can to push this language forward
4. This is the language your financial team understands and with which they are most comfortable
5. Why did they have to change the language law
6. We need a common language of support tools that support interoperability as well
7. The differences in how we use language could be enough to tell us apart
8. Google is often busy adding new language capabilities to its many services for users
9. The language used in the blog post seemed to say that only
10. The language is mostly used for implementing operating systems and embedded applications
11. She might not even know the language
12. In this case the fight is over language
13. We know and respect that there are some who are hoping to hear different language this year
14. The Fed is using a very careful language that they are going to continue to support the economy
15. Facebook argued that the language was not intended to expand its marketing reach © 2019  Terms of Use | Home