[Example Sentences]:
1. Why should companies that pay Google for advertising get a fast lane
2. They just keep going straight in their lane
3. Justice Department announced Thursday that it will investigate whether the lane closures violated federal law
4. Big content providers would get the fast lane
5. When some in the group moved into a traffic lane, officers in riot gear forced people out of the street
6. The lane next to it explicitly banned cellphones
7. Ethernet is slower per lane and signals could degrade on cables that are longer than tens of meters
8. Wheeler has defended the proposal, saying the agency will not allow broadband providers to force Internet users into a slow lane
9. Plus, she can drive all by herself in the commuter lane priceless
10. A single lane was opened once the blaze was 10 percent contained
11. With one main battle lane and a single entrance into each base, most of the combat is concentrated in one key area
12. Lenovo needs to find its own lane like Samsung with its larger mobile devices and stylus to appeal to customers in new ways
13. For example, it makes vehicles that can park themselves, and that can keep drivers from drifting into the next lane
14. The water in the busy shipping lane is relatively shallow, about 150 feet deep
15. By mapping things like lane markers and traffic signs, the software in the car becomes familiar with the environment and its characteristics in advance © 2019  Terms of Use | Home