[Example Phrases]:
•. landscape and portrait
•. arid landscape

[Example Sentences]:
1. He has been working very aggressively to reduce the systems landscape
2. We can change the competitive landscape with one new technology, or even one new product
3. You have to survey the landscape of our customers today, what do they buy from us
4. That phone already has a unique landscape interface in some apps thanks to large screen
5. To actually enable this high value open collaborative landscape and as
6. The case works great for watching your favorite videos in landscape orientation
7. When you take a look at the technology landscape we are at a pivot point
8. We look at how the influx of Apple devices is changing the tech landscape in business
9. There is no doubt that technology is transforming the small business landscape
10. The battle for viewers has transformed the media landscape over the past decade
11. Yet there is life in this extreme landscape
12. The company cited a changing landscape in digital payments
13. Four ways online streaming is changing the TV landscape
14. It also functions as a viewing stand in landscape orientation
15. The shooting screen, in landscape orientation just say no to portrait videos © 2019  Terms of Use | Home