[Example Sentences]:
1. There was still too much pressure inside the lander
2. The exact location of the lander on the comet has not been established yet
3. So far, there has been no responding signal from the lander
4. The crew habitat of the lander would be the biggest challenge
5. That should increase the odds of the lander having enough power to communicate with Rosetta
6. The Philae lander made history on Wednesday when it became the first probe to land on a comet
7. The first two launches would be a moon injection stage followed by a lunar lander
8. We just have the weight of the lander, but we are looking to deploy the instruments of the lander
9. Philae comet lander sends more data before losing power
10. Building a moon lander is a wildly complex task for anyone, much less a group of students
11. No new signals have been picked up from the Philae comet lander since a brief radio contact on Sunday
12. SpaceX will attempt to land a rocket on a gigantic floating lander pad this Friday
13. The agency subsequently released the first panoramic picture taken from the lander
14. If all goes according to plan, Rosetta will drop the first ever lander onto a comet in November
15. The more activities we do with the lander, the more power we will consume, and the less time we will have © 2019  Terms of Use | Home