[Example Sentences]:
1. Why a Venezuela lake is hit by lightning thousands of times a day
2. In short, there is nowhere else to go if they are not being seen in the lake
3. After passing through the small lake, we carried on towards our destination
4. The artificial lake is now contaminated with waste water from the mines
5. They were scooping water from the lake to use against the fire
6. Paleontologists believe the tracks were made over several days in what was a shallow lake
7. On summer weekends, the lake is a popular retreat for locals and tourists
8. Fast forward to Sunday morning, and we were anchored in the lake
9. I find this simply amazing, given the amount of time it spent 10 feet deep in a lake
10. Boy attacked by shark while swimming in Louisiana lake
11. The ice balls form as freezing lake water is tumbled by waves, forming spheres
12. In 1994, Susan Smith strapped her two young sons into the family car and rolled it down the ramp at a lake
13. That was believed to be the first time a city has banned residents from using the water because of toxins from algae in the lake
14. Skeptics would suggest there is likely no monster in the lake at all
15. The layers represent areas where lava in an ancient lava lake attached to ridges and hills in the floor of the crater, froze against © 2019  Terms of Use | Home