[Example Sentences]:
1. Power needs to become more reliable and more fibre needs to be laid
2. Some staff who were hired for the opening have already been laid off
3. Many of the plaintiffs have already laid out their basic arguments against the rules
4. The footprint has been laid by some of the other nations
5. They laid on it way too long
6. Nor has it laid out any specific projects that are underway
7. With no income in sight, the staff had to be laid off
8. Amazon has laid out plans for airspace across the United States dedicated to commercial drones
9. Then, his boss ordered him to accept a pay cut or be laid off
10. What I found there laid out clearly was what HP means about thinking like a bad guy
11. In a statement, the commission laid out its proof
12. The government laid blame for the November outage at the hands of terrorists
13. They laid off how many people
14. The woman appeared in a window laid in space over the real physical objects of the room
15. McAfee laid it out to me over two days from the haven of the mountain retreat © 2019  Terms of Use | Home