[Example Sentences]:
1. One is the lack of a hard drive
2. It can be a lack of experience with dealing with downloading apps
3. One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone is its lack of battery power
4. The first thing you would notice is the lack of air
5. There is a lack of focus on cybersecurity both in the public and private sector
6. No charges were filed because of lack of evidence
7. The problem with getting users up to the latest version is not down to a lack of interest
8. To the outside world, lack of trust was still a big issue
9. By no means is that a statement of our lack of commitment to the PC business
10. He added that a lack of modern military equipment also poses problems
11. The single biggest hole in the security of most organizations is a lack of training
12. The lack of proper access controls puts business information and customer information at most risk
13. Many are suffering from lack of authority at a time when security has never been more important
14. About half of the lack of access to school is the result of violence and conflict
15. Part of the problem is lack of revenue © 2019  Terms of Use | Home