[Example Sentences]:
1. Google Glass has been sent back to the laboratory for now
2. We need to work out where we can send these samples for laboratory testing
3. Scientists still use them in laboratory experiments
4. These are some of the oldest and most pristine materials available for laboratory investigations, he added
5. Can only be manufactured in a laboratory
6. Initial results from a laboratory in Damascus indicate that at least two of the cases could indeed be polio
7. Typical medical laboratory reports could hardly be less personal
8. Kelly has been to the station multiple times, but his current mission is unlike anything attempted on the space laboratory before
9. In laboratory conditions diesel cars have met strict test criteria
10. It becomes a laboratory of extremes
11. There was no possible exposure outside the secure laboratory at CDC, and there is no danger to the general public, the agency said
12. Thousands of laboratory scientists in more than 150 labs throughout CDC have taken extraordinary steps in recent months to improve safety
13. British regulators are investigating revelations that Facebook treated hordes of its users like laboratory rats in an experiment probing into their emotions
14. Central Queensland University is giving its distance education students the ability to conduct practical laboratory studies of the human body through an online platform
15. A forensic laboratory was set up at a Dutch military base and all but a few victims were identified and their remains released to families © 2019  Terms of Use | Home