[Example Sentences]:
1. It says it is monitoring prices and the labor market
2. That requires a lot of cost and labor
3. Storage and paying for labor at harvest make up the biggest share of costs
4. That kept many jobs in the exclusive province of human labor until recently
5. Another way to boost the labor pool would be to increase immigration
6. An Apple hardware manufacturing partner in China is under fire for alleged labor abuses
7. State Department official responsible for democracy, human rights and labor issues
8. The labor pool has yet to catch up
9. Many had back injuries suggesting lives of hard labor
10. He been out doing hard manual labor
11. The underlying message is, the labor market recovery is well and truly on its way
12. As you know, he had gone back and forth between the labor camp and hospital
13. Apple hit with class action lawsuit for alleged labor rule violations
14. He told CNN he has been transferred back and forth between a labor camp and hospitals
15. The protesters also asked to form a labor union, another demand that was not addressed © 2019  Terms of Use | Home