[Example Sentences]:
1. The company is also a private label and makes its own products
2. With it, you can label files and folders with tag names that you create
3. China is not the first to complain about the failure of the international media to use the label
4. The absence of a warning label prompted a number of lawsuits
5. Monday, notable for being the first Lumia handset to lose the Nokia label
6. Every time you assign this label to a new item, it will appear in this folder
7. As a boss, you still must label five otherwise OK employees as failures
8. Next time you are cleaning, check the label of the cleaning product of your choice
9. It looks, sounds and feels a whole lot like that last time we had reason to use that label
10. The Gulf moves against the Brotherhood follow an Egyptian decision to label it a terrorist organization in December
11. Over the years, the party has tried to shake its ethnic label
12. Each IP address is a unique label that provides a destination for information as it travels through the Internet
13. You can label it a fortress
14. Also,23 percent of those surveyed chose not to enter the Mac versus PC debate and declined either label
15. In Norway, the tax department has decided to label it a taxable asset © 2019  Terms of Use | Home