[Definition]: exaggeration

[Example Phrases]:
• hyperbole about the chaos
• prone to hyperbole
• hyperbole rather than really
• hyperbole and technical detail
• hyperbole to predict
• lace with hyperbole
• lot of hyperbole
• sound like hyperbole
• filled with hyperbole
• gush and hyperbole

[Example Sentences]:
1. There is a lot of hyperbole out there right now
2. Is this really the largest Internet attack ever, or is that hyperbole
3. It has been stripped of all meaning by an Internet prone to hyperbole
4. The court took a pretty extraordinary step by relying on stereotype and hyperbole rather than really digging into the facts
5. Forget the hyperbole about the chaos inflight cellphone usage could cause
6. McIntyre is no stranger to Apple hyperbole
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