[Example Sentences]:
1. The V6 is here to stay as a freeze on engine development is currently in place until 2020.
2. So a temporary freeze makes it more difficult to open new accounts in your name.
3. The reason for the order was not made public, and it was the second such freeze in five months.
4. Your existing creditors will still be able to access your credit report if a freeze is in place.
5. You can lift the freeze or fraud alert at any time.
6. If it gets too warm the tree needs to freeze again overnight to start the whole process over.
7. Members of Congress have become involved and demanded a freeze on deportations.
8. The winter freeze was less destructive to hiring than had been assumed.
9. The freeze was not intended to be permanent, the state department added.
10. A freeze on cooperation will spur a serious backlash against the international space program.
11. The others in the Russian far east freeze over.
12. For some users, the hotly anticipated update caused their systems to freeze up.
13. Fabius said France was seeking a freeze on construction during negotiations.
14. Most cameras, by default, will choose an ISO setting too low to freeze motion in this lighting.


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