[Example Sentences]:
1. What if Microsoft found a way to bundle free Windows updates into Office 365
2. Many will be free and paid games will cost an average of $1.85.
3. The implication was that the update would be free to customers running Windows 8.1.
4. Those users get a free update to version 10.
5. To get the ball rolling, Microsoft has made the service free of charge until early 2017.
6. However, the network will no longer be free for Telstra mobile customers after September 30.
7. The service is free to Xbox Live Gold members through December 2014.
8. You can even score a free tank of gas for your car to take the ultimate summer road trip.5.
9. The retail giant matches Walmart by offering free shipping to shoppers who spend more than $35.
10. Alfred is a free app, but workflows is part of a suite of premium features that costs about $23.
11. It will cost a flat $9 and is free if you spend at least $72.
12. Costs range from free to roughly $200.
13. The free room is usually worth more than the annual fee, which range from $49 to $95.
14. Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and 8.
15. The company expects it will have free cash of -$2.0 to -$2.5 billion for the full year 2017.

[Antonyms]bound, shackled, subservient

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