[Example Sentences]:
1. Many of the technologies enterprises are putting into place today will form the core of Industry 4.
2. A separate form filled out by another jail employee said the suicide attempt occurred in 2014.
3. The bureau has extended the deadline to fill out the form until September 23.
4. The bank introduced the intelligent deposit machines a form of ATM in May 2012.
5. The final report, published in book form, was released in April 2016.
6. SunPower has said it would make a decision whether to form a yieldco in 2015.
7. The similarity in form between the MacBook and an envisioned 12-in.
8. Both were back in form for runaway wins in Games 5 and 6.
9. California has required vaccinations for schoolchildren in some form since 1899.
10. It is a choice of a company for which form matters as much as function.
11. The many connected appliances and control should together form a computer of their own.
12. It did, in the form of Google and other new tech giants.
13. They are both quite good and the choice comes down to form factor.
14. South Korean officials say they are basically open to any form of talks.
15. What we do with the facts to form an opinion is yet another complex task.

[Antonyms]deform, dislocate, distort

[Synonyms]shape, figure, configuration © 2020  Terms of Use | Home