[Example Sentences]:
1. Elaine will never forget one soldier who was heading to Iraq in 2004.
2. I did forget to bring it once, and that is one experience I never want to relive.
3. We will never forget what this day means to you, he said.
4. We often forget that one of the things schools do is pass judgment.
5. We should forget this election and just start all over.
6. We do not forget that the authorities are involved.
7. You can forget about looking to the user interface.
8. Never forget the French are a people who cut off heads.
9. Sometimes we forget that the civil rights movement was not just a black event.
10. Index funds are not an invitation to set it and forget it.
11. When meetings do get scheduled, people forget or show up unprepared.
12. People always say that if you forget history then you will be doomed to repeat it.
13. Now, you have to learn fast and forget just as quickly in order to absorb the next innovation.
14. We will never forget that day or the victims of this senseless act of violence.
15. This was an injustice that was done, not something you could just put aside and forget about.


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