[Example Sentences]:
1. To date, all efforts to forge a political settlement to end the conflict have failed.
2. Obama told me he hoped Biden would forge a deal.
3. In Vienna, leaders of some of those governments met to try to forge a common approach to the crisis.
4. Additionally, he might be able to forge requests to be a part of that circle.
5. However, CEO Tim Cook has been working to forge enterprise deals.
6. In that case, a hacker can now easily forge a fake PGP signature.
7. America is willing to find new friends, and to forge new partnerships, where shared interests align.
8. We need to forge a new one.
9. From here, they can forge any SSL certificate.
10. So for the past 10 years, Intel has tried to forge a path ahead.

[Antonyms]shatter, batter, shiver

[Synonyms]beat, fabricate, frame © 2020  Terms of Use | Home