[Definition]: law related, can be publicly debated

[Example Phrases]:
• forensic evidence
• forensic experts
• a forensic analysis
• a forensic search
• a forensic investigator
• a forensic examination
• a forensic probe
• a forensic hunt
• a police forensic laboratory

[Example Sentences]:
1. Police forensic officers have been into the vault as part of the investigation
2. Experts have expressed concern that forensic evidence at the crash site could be lost
3. It appears to be a case of poisoning but we will have to wait for forensic reports
4. Prosecutors also said forensic evidence proved that Davis never left the SUV
5. Maybe there are forensic or law enforcement investigation reasons
6. Also Thursday, Kenyan forensic investigators recovered additional human remains from the shopping mall
7. Secret Service and forensic experts to determine exactly what happened
8. The lawmaker also wants Sony to provide a forensic analysis of those breaches, including any evidence of malware
9. Police have said forensic evidence connects
10. The remains will undergo forensic testing to try to establish their identities but are believed to belong to attackers
11. Those better policies cover the costs of forensic investigation, notifications and cleanup
12. Pieces of the bag recovered have been sent to a FBI lab for forensic testing
13. The school then hired security firm FireEye and its cybersecurity forensic unit Mandiant to investigate the breach
14. We hope that a forensic examination will make a final identification, Richards added
15. During forensic evaluations by the security team, it was found that user account information had been accessed through the vulnerability © 2019  Terms of Use | Home