[Definition]: to go or come after

[Example Sentences]:
1. Microsoft will continue to advise customers to follow that guidance with Windows 10.
2. The rest of the catalog would follow in years after, ending in 2026.
3. Other regions are expected to follow sometime in 2014.
4. You have to follow who they say and where to go.
5. We will follow up as soon as we have more information.
6. The company has taken several steps in recent months to follow through on this commitment.
7. Do people really think Apple is going to follow his way of doing business forever.
8. This is a direction the company needs to follow as its hardware sales continue to slip.
9. We will now take the time to follow up these lines of inquiry.
10. Having Facebook follow around all the things you do is a little freaky.
11. They said they would look into it, that they would follow up on it.
12. I have one list with friends and colleagues that I follow most of the time.
13. It added that it has formed a military committee to follow up on the truce.
14. You can also add friends and follow other users to check in on their progress.
15. There are still several few steps to follow but the machine does most of the work.


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