[Example Sentences]:
1. Free cash flow is expected by analysts to decline to $2.71 billion in 2015.
2. This is the first thing that consumers see and experience, and things need to flow seamlessly.
3. This is a way of putting that together and improving the flow through the airspace.
4. This appears to be a key factor for some in entering a flow state while playing.
5. The free flow of data between the EU and the US is the most important in the world.
6. The good news for people in developed countries is the continued flow of cheaper goods.
7. Those are devices that monitor the flow of whatever is being carried in the pipeline.
8. It is based on the concept that disease results from disruption in the flow of archaeu.
9. That means the cash flow left over after spending on equipment and business expansion.
10. It provides a badly needed flow of hard currency to a country where many face food shortages.
11. It is in how to organize the management of people to have a flow from one area to another.
12. The flow of goods between the two countries is one-sided.
13. New money is the expected flow of future contributions.
14. If you reverse the flow of air, you can move things in your environment.
15. The question is now whether a further decrease is going to flow through to a smaller payout.


[Synonyms]stream, run, pour
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