[Example Sentences]:
1. Just flip it around and multiply the screen size by 1.85.
2. Forget smartphones, there were barely even flip phones in 1999.
3. Maybe you get in a car accident or do training things and flip and hit your head.
4. On the flip side, some customers will pay more than the simple One prices.
5. All they did was shoot it out, flip it out or whatever.
6. You can flip through to see more stories, and double tap to like what you see.
7. When we flip on a light, we rarely think about water.
8. For example, who wants to flip through Instagram photos on a tiny watch screen?
9. The agencies deal in possibility but also its flip side.
10. Users flip between them like they do TV channels.
11. On the flip side, some of its picks have been more esoteric.
12. They can flip sides to join the rising power.
13. You can also rotate and flip the video.
14. If you flip your wrist up, the light in your palm shoots as well.
15. They are hoarding the Model S and hoping to flip it at a premium.
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