[Example Sentences]:
1. Top execs had started to flee in the second half of 2015.
2. Many of us are forced to flee our country because of violence.
3. More than one million people have been forced to flee their homes because of the fighting.
4. She said she tried to convince other women to flee with her, but they were too afraid.
5. As students tried to flee for the doors, they were shot and killed.
6. Residents of the area described chaos as thousands tried to flee the area.
7. One crew member broke his leg when he fell trying to flee from the pirates.
8. As Brown attempted to flee, the witness said he was shot several times in the head and chest.
9. It said that has caused medical professionals to flee the country.
10. The strategy normally used is to cross the northern border into China and flee into a third country.
11. Mr Ghani told me he had to flee the area.
12. I am not a man to flee my responsibilities.
13. We had to flee, one Afghan soldier said in the video.
14. In some years, fewer than a dozen North Koreans managed to flee the country.
15. He lost his legs as he tried to flee the villa on a crowded Bangkok street.

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