[Example Sentences]:
1. You can find a working model online for around $30.
2. Police are said to be trying to find out whether he travelled to Syria in 2014.
3. Shop around and you can find 2TB USB hard drives for a little over $100.
4. You can find 64GB SD memory cards which will hold thousands of photographs for as little as $40.
5. You can find 128GB cards, which should be plenty of room for even longer vacations, for around $80.
6. We are about to find out in our case which it is to be.
7. You may find that store prices are actually higher than what you can find online.
8. You can then search by name to find photos of specific friends.
9. Now we need to find a way to make this work under the law we have.
10. You must work with another country and find a way forward.
11. We know who you are and you need to know that we are going to find you.
12. The app allows you quickly find and display files based on a search string.

[Antonyms]lose, loss

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