[Example Sentences]:
1. The only contractor who made them feel comfortable figured it would take $300,000.
2. According to Gartner, companies are noticing that consumers feel comfortable with Windows 10.
3. For example, I personally feel cramped on a 13-in.
4. It may also be the first phone you feel comfortable giving your child target ages 5 to 11.
5. It could be a few hours or longer before you feel back to normal.
6. I feel like this is the last thing I do to support my industry.
7. All I can do is do my best to make women feel welcome.
8. Apple has done a great job of making its operating system feel more in sync.
9. We want our space to feel like a work in progress.
10. I want to make them feel good about how they did.
11. I feel that the people get lost in all of that.
12. I feel that much of the early work has been forgotten.
13. No one should feel any less than who they are from spending time here.
14. How would you feel if she found out and you had not told her?
15. I really feel for people and think that we can stay and help them.

[Antonyms]insensate, apathetic, dull

[Synonyms]perceive, beperceived, beimpressed
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