[Example Sentences]:
1. This is another feed product so it should work the same way by extension.
2. The iOS app allows you to see your feed and upload video and photos.
3. There was kind of a lot in there and the feed kept skipping.
4. So they can cut from one feed to another pretty seamlessly.
5. We can find a better way to feed the world and think differently about our food system.
6. Click on the friend list to show updates in your news feed from only them.
7. It can easily feed data to other systems, such as content management systems.
8. We feed off each other in the big office, we should do it at the desk at home.
9. Facebook has changed the way its news feed works before.
10. An audio only feed of their testimony would then be broadcast.
11. You may have noticed something different in your Instagram feed today.
12. We are hearing reports of parents struggling to feed their children and to heat their homes.
13. You can customize the feed by tapping the three dots on top of each card.
14. The device relies heavily on the camera feed and its associated algorithms.
15. You can then name the feed and also assign a color code.

[Antonyms]starve, refuse, deny

[Synonyms]supply, nourish, cherish
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