[Example Sentences]:
1. Analysts say that recovery is likely to fade this quarter or early in 2014.
2. That could mean that the first hike could even fade into 2016.
3. Much of that growth will be temporary and will fade in the coming years, he suggested.
4. Click in a second point where the track will completely fade out.
5. My awareness and involvement and concern will fade away until the next thing triggers it.
6. As well as causing extra wear on the fabric, the heat can fade clothes over time.
7. Add a fade or drop the color saturation just a little bit.
8. Adobe Flash continues its long, slow fade from the mainstream.
9. Otherwise, the movement might fade out like the integration of the metric system.
10. Then, after a few successful fights, the world starts to fade to black again.

[Antonyms]rise, increase, bloom

[Synonyms]vanish, evanesce, disappear
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