verb transitive

[Definition]: use to one's advantage

[Example Phrases]:
• exploit kits
• exploit this vulnerability
• exploit the flaw
• an exploit kit
• the exploit code
• want to exploit
• try to exploit
• attempt to exploit
• to exploit new technology
• to exploit the flaw

[Example Sentences]:
1. Google has a better way to exploit music to sell things that are not music advertising
2. There are a variety of ways to exploit access to these certificates
3. We can tell you this is a potential vulnerability that hackers can exploit
4. This is one more platform criminals will continue to exploit as the channel grows
5. Google researchers have already found malicious programs on the Web that exploit this vulnerability
6. Google said it has not detected attempts to exploit the flaw
7. Rather, it makes it more difficult for an attacker to find code to exploit
8. We want to become a digital enterprise and we want to exploit the opportunities provided by big data
9. Russian officials have accused the West of trying to exploit the unrest
10. Any attacker can exploit them without any user interaction or additional requirements
11. The thing is only white hat security researchers reveal the exploit details
12. They have not published their exploit code, so there is no way to verify their claim
13. Amazon was the early market pioneer, and Microsoft has a lot of account relationships to exploit
14. I loved it I could exploit a fully patched system with a single bad file
15. The simple reality is that an attacker can potentially exploit any connected device
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