verb transitive

[Definition]: to drive off

[Example Phrases]:
• to dispel rumors
• to dispel notions of
• dispel fears

[Example Sentences]:
1. Before investigators could dispel the allegations, some media outlets picked up the discussion and linked their names with the investigation
2. Homeland Security chief seeks to dispel rumors that unaccompanied kids are welcomed at border
3. Last week, Eich attempted to dispel fears on whether he would support equality as the head of Mozilla
4. By withholding information about the detainees, ICE is missing out on a chance to dispel some of the fears raised by critics
5. Kano is interesting because it presents making a computer, which sounds tough, as easy, and in doing so can dispel that myth
6. So it was, Wheeler felt compelled to dispel the notion that he is excessively hairy and has four legs
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