[Definition]: scarcity, lack of

[Example Phrases]:
• a dearth of
• dearth of cloud infrastructure
• dearth of apps
• dearth of women
• dearth of fueling stations
• dearth of sea ice
• dearth of mail clients
• dearth of foreign competitors
• dearth of quality hotel
• dearth of volunteers

[Example Sentences]:
1. And Microsoft provided a statement to CNET about the dearth of systems on its online store
2. There is a dearth of quality hotel rooms in this community
3. The dearth of apps points to yet another problem
4. Both anticipated public stock offerings come amid a dearth of tech public offerings
5. This contrasts with the dearth of stock in the years after the financial crisis
6. High prices and the dearth of fueling stations are barriers to sales of fuel cell vehicles
7. The slow processor and dearth of memory seemed to cause the setup process to drag a bit longer than usual
8. Low productivity growth is simply the logical consequence of a dearth of technological breakthroughs
9. To do so means addressing the dearth of signature apps to run on the phones, an area where Android has a significant lead
10. Global warming is leading to a dearth of sea ice, the researchers said, meaning polar bears have less ice on which to hunt
11. But the dearth of launch titles has left many reviewers praising its potential rather than its immediate boons © 2017  Terms of Use | Home