[Example Sentences]:
1. It needs to be coming through as uniform, a little bit more like a cricket ball.
2. He created a convention center in his name and a cricket stadium that rose out of the jungle.
3. The team is still looking for data if you have camel cricket photos or observations to share.
4. My commitment to the best of Indian cricket and the autonomy of sports will always remain.
5. It was dubbed the greenhouse camel cricket, and scientists thought it was rarely found outside of greenhouses.
6. The court said it would appoint observers to run cricket administration in India until a new president and secretary were appointed.
7. He used a cricket bat to break down the door and carried her downstairs, where she died.
8. Mr Pistorius said he was on his prosthetic legs when he used the cricket bat to break down the toilet door.
9. Ice cream and bottled water were for sale, as if at a cricket match.
10. One Afghan banged a drum and another carried a giant cricket bat. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home