[Example Sentences]:
1. There is always someone around the corner willing to do the same thing for less.
2. If you look in the corner of the video, it shows your video bit rate and resolution.
3. The camera and flash are in the upper left corner of the back.
4. With the new year around the corner, it will be interesting to see what the future brings.
5. Our little corner of the universe just got a little more crowded.
6. Analytics apps are finding use cases in just about every corner of the IT world.
7. Scientists searched a corner of the Internet for evidence of time travel into the past.
8. Every corner of the tech industry needs a strong secondary player.
9. So the girls find a dark corner inside to dry their rags.
10. These guarantees are unusual in this corner of the IT management business.
11. As I move there, around the corner comes the xenomorph.
12. In reality, the real car I was in had turned a corner in the parking lot.
13. The house was on that corner, and everything else was a farm.
14. The event in a remote corner of the airport attracted a small crowd of onlookers.
15. The figure represents a massive spike in revenue in this corner of the world.

[Antonyms]abutment, protrusion, prominence

[Synonyms]angle, bend, crotch © 2020  Terms of Use | Home