[Example Sentences]:
1. The old copper networks will remain in place throughout the trials.
2. Similar increases were expected to be made to charges for business copper broadband plans.
3. The copper will remain the property of Telstra pending the conclusion of the renegotiations.
4. Thunderbolt technology is available in both optical and copper cables.
5. The only advances come from making the copper shorter.
6. So if you have a copper concept, my hope is you will come and knock on our door.
7. Morrow said that issues with copper will come around where it has not been adequately maintained.
8. The copper network is deteriorating with age, and may affect services in the future.
9. Light is considered a faster way to transfer data than copper wire.
10. These constraints do not apply to the copper network.
11. The Liberal policy will not work without unfettered access to that copper network.
12. The copper itself has an asset value.
13. When classic toys get covered in molten copper, the results are anything but playful. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home