[Example Sentences]:
1. It really does look like this was intended just to bury this.
2. It was a day to take stock of the damage, search for the missing and bury the dead.
3. Our questions are about how they bury people, and how that could impact us.
4. They just want to have their loved ones, to bury their loved ones.
5. People have also been unable to bury their dead.
6. The government has consistently tried to bury what happened.
7. Finland will be the first country to bury it permanently.
8. He decided to bury him in his field.
9. Sometimes villagers hide bodies or bury them in secret to avoid the government.
10. He used it to bury his mother.

[Antonyms]resurrect, exhume, disinter

[Synonyms]inter, entomb, inearth
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