[Example Sentences]:
1. Now I have a better idea what I burn doing certain activities.
2. New growth is well underway through most of the burn areas.
3. The burn rates were very high and continue to be high, said the investor.
4. How many stages there are and how they burn is defined by the maker.
5. The big reason profits are thin is because of cash burn on new efforts.
6. They say there also were indications the killer tried to burn her body.
7. They will kill every Shiite man, and they will burn every Shiite house.
8. If they had been, the shuttle could burn up during re-entry.
9. The tank would then drop off and either burn up in the atmosphere or plunge into the ocean.
10. We hope the tanker fire will burn itself out by later this afternoon, he said.
11. They remove brush, trees and anything that might burn in the direction of homes and cities.
12. If you burn through your data, like I do, these new plans will be worth it.
13. Everyone remembers the first time they burn themselves in the kitchen.
14. Both sides of the conference table burn on that, King says.
15. We can burn lots of watts on the onboard computer, because of the short flight time.

[Antonyms]smother, stifle, subdue

[Synonyms]char, consume, cremate
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