[Example Sentences]:
1. The material to build each of them cost just $14.
2. Cortana also gains new abilities in the latest preview build of Windows 10.
3. He confirmed new plant would build small cars starting in 2018.
4. Device makers who build with our products now can already go out and start to utilize 64-bit.
5. Well, everyone running the latest build of Windows 10.
6. The build number of the November 2015 release is 10586.
7. The company says it expects to build 20,000 units for 2013.
8. I saw a quick demonstration of an early build of the Xbox version of Cortana at E3 2016.
9. The July 2015 release is build 10240.
10. Version 1607, for example, was finalized in July 2016 and is identified as build 14393.
11. Version 1607 is build 14393, and version 1703 is build 15063.
12. In the same amount of space to build 50,000 cars, we can build 250,000 Model 3s.
13. Thursday because it was designed to be easier for outside developers to build on.
14. Facebook also wants to make it easier for outside developers to build apps.
15. You not only have to build a model that can predict.

[Antonyms]destroy, demolish

[Synonyms]make, form, shape © 2020  Terms of Use | Home