[Example Sentences]:
1. He says his ambition is to breed 200 a year, and last year he reached 180.
2. That old technology is about to get a challenge from a new breed of watercraft.
3. The natural order of things here has long been that founders are a breed of their own.
4. It is possible that some birds will not breed this year.
5. For this new breed of professionals, India is a huge market.
6. If your friend loves a specific dog breed, I recommend surprising them with this unique work of art.
7. Companies are investing heavily in infrastructure to support a new breed of interconnected apps.
8. They are hard to study, partially because they breed on remote and inaccessible islands.
9. Land is being dug for a pond where the people could breed fish.
10. Instead, he invests in an infrastructure to breed his own ones.
11. Pit bulls are viewed by some as a dangerous breed, a reputation their fans dispute.

[Antonyms]ancestor, source, original

[Synonyms]lineage, race, pedigree © 2020  Terms of Use | Home