[Example Sentences]:
1. The company expects its mobile group to break even in 2016.
2. Uber has yet to break ground on the Mission Bay site, but that complex is expected to open in 2019.
3. It was a pretty big break, said May, 43.
4. Those earning beyond $5 million would get a break of about $250,000.
5. The big issue of the day was the possibility that the Internet might break down.
6. The first time you set up a PC can really make or break your initial impressions.
7. I need to take a break after three or four hours of running it, she said.
8. You fly across the top of the car and break a leg.
9. The second fund was about break even and the third fund is in good shape.
10. This is about giving a break to anyone who takes on this important chore.
11. Facebook does not break out sales for the other services.
12. Some companies have been working to break through the gender divide.
13. It only took about a year altogether he took a break in between.
14. One first step you can take is to break your bad password habits.
15. The court records do not break down the payments made by each company.


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