[Example Sentences]:
1. The problem is it has just made the boil larger and the collapse will be only bigger.
2. If the entire media was more or less like this, this would be like trying to boil the ocean.
3. And you can boil things down to three essential devices plus the accessories and apps to keep them going.
4. Getting answers to those kinds of questions may also boil down to semantics.
5. Those tensions can boil over, as when the supervisor in Tennessee threatened to kill an employee.
6. This boiling reduces pressure on the water below, allowing that water to boil as well.
7. It has no issues supporting a pot full of water and fires up quickly, able to achieve a boil in about three minutes.

[Antonyms]calm, subside, cool

[Synonyms]bubble, rage, effervesce © 2020  Terms of Use | Home