[Example Sentences]:
1. So to blame Google for something it has no control over is just wrong.
2. I think retailers have to take some share of the blame themselves.
3. He said that nothing about the attack makes sense if you try to blame that country.
4. Who will be to blame if the car makes a mistake?
5. They blame the right for pushing development that is making it increasingly unlivable.
6. If so, no one would blame you for moving on to the next article.
7. Here are several other factors that are likely to blame for the lack of savings.
8. You all saw what happened and I cannot comment on who is to blame or what to blame.
9. I think we have to careful before we point any finger of blame at the intelligence services.
10. When the president on Saturday said there were many sides to blame, he meant it.
11. Police there confirmed the death but did not blame protesters.
12. They blame everything in their life on someone else.
13. The report said a lack of planning was partly to blame for the unnecessary shooting.
14. We tend to give too much credit for success, and too much blame for failure.
15. Go ahead and blame it on the algorithms see below for more that.


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