[Example Sentences]:
1. Looking for a place to get a bite to eat?
2. The boxes also come with a reality bite card intended to make people smile or laugh.
3. Perhaps she also encouraged her dogs to bite the intruders.
4. Speaking of which, I decided to bite the bullet and try one of these meal kits.
5. Those leaning back and relying on their current success will soon bite the dust.
6. In fact, the mammoth meat was reportedly fresh enough that one of the scientists took a bite of it.
7. The virus is primarily spread via mosquito bite but also can be transmitted sexually.
8. One bite from the octopus will result in complete paralysis and death of an adult human in minutes.
9. When they damaged certain neurons, it weakened the bite of the mice.
10. Monday, taxpayers will have to bite the bullet.
11. Take a bite out of each waffle before you serve it.
12. Say you re driving along an unfamiliar stretch of road, and want a bite to eat.
13. It was covered in bite marks, and the LCD screen was cracked, but the memory card was still intact.
14. Cowen also says rising healthcare costs are taking a bite out of discretionary budgets.
15. The woman had large bite marks on her upper torso and shoulder and was bleeding heavily. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home